Concrete Pipeline

A vital link in the complete concrete equipment mix is the ability to provide a concrete placing line solution.  At Danfords our drive to supply a high level of service has led us in this direction.

Standard 4” and 5” pipes, bends, coupling and gaskets are just a fraction of what we can offer, a full line pump starter kit to the smallest safety pin Danfords has it all.

Forward thinking and planning is vital so future proofing our processes with coded weld procedures and regular testing allows us to take on the out of ordinary requests from customers.

A high level of safety is an industry benchmark, to help our customers maintain these standards we are now offering hose testing.  We will attend site to complete a pressure test under controlled conditions.  All tested hoses will be issued a pass or failed certificate with a unique ID number.

For all your pipeline needs Danfords is all you need.