Ex-hire Danfords Trojans (approx. 50 ton) Capacity

Ex-hire Danfords Trojans (approx. 50 ton) Capacity- £44,000 (+ VAT)

3 off ex-hire Danfords Trojan (approx. 50 ton capacity) Mobile Low Level Cement Silos

Year of Manufacture July 2023, Complete with Stock Weight Control, Support structure incorporated with 4 x telescopic legs of ease of transport with 4x load cells, 2 x High & low level indicators, 2 x vibrators mounted on each side of silo, Rear mounted Wam 24m3 reverse jet air filter complete with hydraulic system for movement of filter for transportation or operation mode, Automatic over fill shut off valve on loading pipe, Weigh system complete with digital display, control panel incorporating stop/start controls, level indicator warnings, weigh display unit, 24lt air compressor for filter, Painted Grey, 12 months full warranty.

Used example, similar to pictures attached.

Purchase price includes delivery and installation.

Ref: 11000637, 11000666 & 11000676.